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Big Fat Blueberry Media is proud to announce the release of our latest mobile game:

The Wizards of Kelarek!

Are you tired of the complexity of in-depth RPG games with classes, races, skill modifiers, endless empty zones, and camping for hours to try for a magic item?

In The Wizards of Kelarek you can skip all of the tedious sitting around and just get right to the action!

Play this free RPG Clicker mobile game and journey across many different maps to find and battle The Wizards of Kelarek and the many minions of Mar Telaris.

Gain levels, experience, and gold.

-Visit Grenard’s Blades & Armor Shoppe to purchase powerful weapons and armor upgrades. Increase your damage and improve your armor class!

-Partake in the magic at The Temple of Magery to boost your offensive magical powers with unique and rare magic items! Purchase health and mana potions to heal your wounds and cast strong offensive spells.

-Can you defeat the Horned Cyclops and his mighty Iron Mace?
-Will you run from the Undead Pirate King?
-What about the hordes of Goblin Warriors?
-Tribal Headhunters are waiting on the Karan Plains and the Umber Hulk lurks in the Troll Cave!

Progress through over 30 achievements and top level leaderboard!

The Story:

Mar Telaris and The Wizards of Clan Kelarek have unleashed an evil horde upon the world!

The Wizards were once peaceful defenders of our land but a corruption has infected their order.

Mar Telaris, the strongest of The Wizards, has discovered how to twist the incantations of the Circle of Kelarek into powerful domination spells.

His power has grown so dark and evil that he now commands legions of golems, goblins, undead, demons, and other vile creatures.

The Army of Mar Telaris is on a rampage across the world and few have the will or strength to stop it.

You, mighty warrior, are now charged with destroying these legions and Mar Telaris! You must succeed or the world will burn!

-Henrin the Sage